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Mosstika Urban Greenery is a NYC based collective of eco-minded street artists, using gorilla tactics to evoke the call of man back to nature. Hungarian born artist Edina Tokodi & Jozsef Valyi -Toth encourages a more balanced relationship with the environment, especially for those living in concrete jungles. From brick walls to subway adverts and free-standing structures, Mosstika takes any path necessary to send this important message. By creating havens of unexpected greenery in colder harsher environments, Mosstika Urban Greenery encourages people to truly appreciate their surroundings and every bit of nature they can get.

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Guerrilla Girls

This work shows the boundaries women had to face before they had more rights. It was rare for art work by women or non-white artists to be shown and the Guerrilla Girls posters brought to light the issues that these artists faced. The posters were a quick and easy way to spread their message while the statistics were created by the Guerilla Girls themselves or reinterpreted from art magazines or other sources. Again their art represents social boundaries.

The Guerrilla Girls
In 1985, the Museum of Modern Art in New York opened an international survey of contemporary painting and sculpture. Of the 169 artists exhibited, only 13 were female. In response, an anonymous group of protest artists wearing fearsome gorilla masks began to create work which highlighted sexism in the art world. The group produced art bearing slogans such as, “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?”, whilst many pieces directly tackled curators and art critics by name, accusing them of gender discrimination in their focus.

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Bronze furniture with organic forms by Victor Cicansky

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Ivan Gaete

'Supreme weavers (Lovers), 2012


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off with his head 

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the perfect weather continues  

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found these little guys yesterday afternoon [kinder surprise] 

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